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Comments were numerous and repeated most of those just cited.Fees are paid to home buyers in the Western Pennsylvania area when they use a real estate buyer.Winship, Albert E., report of, as chairman of the Westfield State Normal.The garden work, which is given in the second, fourth and eighth.After the first year or two this work will doubtless become less.Europe, that the vocation of the man or woman is fixed in early.I think every high school should have some form of manual training.This is in a measure true, and the reason for it may be of in-.

The work begins in the lower grades as play or in making articles.Instead of breaking up each day into small classes, the groups are.That all teachers of the school of observation and practice shall.

And what can be said for the probabilities of successful school.Economy of original materials and by-products, of labor in pro-.The following statement as to the scope of agricultural instruction is.Inasmuch as the school must afford opportunity for observation and.Duties of the Medical Inspector of the Public Schools of Northampton.

It is too early to attempt to tabulate the results of the Peters-.The examinations were made by an inspector who devoted his entire.

A few of those boys are still commanders of some of the finest.The Poetry and Philosophy of Robert Browning, — eight lectures by.Drawing is considered a necessary feature of each department.It is, as was said last year, an honor to Massachusetts that the.Even in these schools the industrial feature of the course is.

Later, the half-day session on Saturday was given up, and the.Very little high-grade skilled labor is required, the cabinets being.The places designated by the several county commissioners are.

Gardens, school, in connection with home industries,. 201-203.There is work in cardboard construction carried on in a systematic.

As to Consolidation of High Schools, — However advisable it may.First, that unusual interest is felt in the school by pupils.

Table showing the approximate percentage, in a proposed course of.This leads to the construction of a more pretentious book later.At any rate, it most completely exemplifies the definition of.We strive for good proportion, pleasing contour, simple decoration.The early years of such an enterprise will of necessity be to.

Smithsonian Libraries FEDLINK (US) Genealogy Lincoln Collection Additional Collections.Anna W. Dbvebbaux, Kindergarten theory and practice and child.

Industrial training in model and practice schools,. 190-197.The committee will greatly value your judgment on these questions.

Pensiozis for, advocated by the State Board of Education,.14, 15.We are giving the girls sewing, by hand and machine, applied in.

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